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Where your marketing dream connects with our marketing team.

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The Nations Leaders in Advertising for Hospitality & Elite Lifestyle Brands.

Black X Marketing is a creative advertising & PR Agency.

Backed by 20-years of hospitality experience, we are a results driven advertising agency driven by helping our clients dominate their market. We give more so you can grow faster!

Eye Capturing Content With Mouth Watering Results

01. Results Driven Marketing

Unlike most restaurant and hospitality marketing agencies, Black X Marketing uses data streams to determine generated sales monthly.

02. Brand Advertising First Principals

We breakdown the emotional connection of your brand with your ideal audience to build sales based on human psychology.

03. 360 Marketing Strategy

Instead of 10+ suggested marketing focuses per month, we seek impactful promotions to build social proof for your growing brand. PR to Media Collateral and Social Media, we create cohesive marketing solutions.

04. Full Scale Services

Black X Marketing's services include - Public Relations, Social Media Management, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, Graphic Design, Photography, Videography, Local SEO, Paid Advertising.


Our unbeatable dedication to Public Relations connects your brand with the people who drive the "talk" in your industry. Local news outlets, digital print or national publications, we will masterfully build your next PR campaign.

Our Services

Black X Marketing's core marketing services for hospitality & elite brands.

Public Relations

We connect your brand to local and national media outlets through branded story telling, media happy hours, and media events.


Marketing Automation

Direct Marketing, SMS Marketing, and Email Marketing to capture new customers while nurturing your existing audience.


Social Media

Drive visibility to your brand via Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, and Google while getting trackable growth metrics along the way.


Multi-Media Creation

Reels, professional photography, videography, graphic design and scripting. Our creative can start elevating your brand today.


Influencer Marketing

Black X Marketing's vast influencer network connects your brand to the online trendsetters driving the traffic within your niche.


Event Marketing

Project-based event creation, set-up, and management with our team, bringing visibility to your business as an event hub in your local area.


**Tired of inconsistent advertising solutions? See Black X Marketing's no 'Bs' approach to marketing will help you scale!!

Project Spotlight

Marketing case studies of Black X Marketing clients. Check them out below!