5 Simple ways to drive traffic to your Restaurant

How to drive traffic to your Restaurant (Infographic)

If you’re a Restaurant Owner or SMMA Owner, you’re constantly looking for methods to drive traffic through your front doors.

We have created an a fun Inforgraphic to give you a brief understanding of how we at Black X Marketing supply massive amounts of traffic to Restaurant Owners.

5 Simple ways to drive traffic to your restuarant

Understanding your market, competition, COG and ROI will determine what you can allocate to generate business.

We highly suggest creating an event for your patrons and the community that influences your niche.

Influencers can be a gold mine for your business. Leveraging the right influencers can put your brand well infront of the competition.

Remember that you have a maximum of a 5 mile radius in general that guest are willing to drive to go to your venue. Use Influencer’s to cross platform promote your business, food and ad’s.

Did you know?

Many Instagram Influencers, Yelp Elite and Youtube Food Bloggers will promote your content for free food!

Leveraging the right sources can help your business grow quickly. Use the 5 Simple ways to grow your Restaurant Traffic and see your numbers soar!

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