Restaurant Instagram Hacks

Restaurant Instagram Hacks

Restaurant Instagram Hacks

“Insta-famous” has become a key term for most in the Gen Y scene. Restaurants have increasingly become popular for the massive amounts of hash tag driven food blogs and Instagram profiles around the globe.

From #foodporn to #yelp, restaurant Owners and Operators must now also spend their time amongst the ranks of “foodies” in the world to keep up with the latest trends on special.

Black X Marketing Restaurant PR Company
Is your food #worthy of Instagram?

At our company, Black X Marketing, we specialize in the Restaurant Industry. Today we wanted to share some easy Instagram tactics that will drastically alter how you view using the social platform from this day forward.

Hashtag Research

This often isn’t done at all!

When I used to operate Restaurants here in San Diego, California, I would always ask my staff… who is our competition?


You need to research the hashtags used by your competition.

Make a list of the top used hashtags and some of the people they are being directed at. You should start to insert your (expertly done) content in the mix with those exact hashtags.

If it works for your competition. Most likely, it will work for you!

Leverage the Instagram Food Influencer!

This is a love vs hate topic with some.

I want to shed light to the power of the influencer in the year 2019.

My company leverages our vast network of Instagram Influencers around the United States. On average we are able to generate 400k views within a week for our clients and increase sales by 15-20% per year just by leveraging views!

Branding is king for any business.

By offering a free meal to a person that will take amazing pictures, videos and do all the marketing for you…. it’s a darn good deal.

We were able to partner with a local favorite, @Sandiegofoodgirl and local media for a Modern Mexican Restaurant on the water. We conducted and event with our influencers and media around the local food scene and generated 3500.00 in sales over a 2 hour time for this restaurant on top of their normal flow of business.

So next time someone reaches out on social media to do a food trade for media… do it!

Quality Post like you’d server quality food

This is not anything new. I’m sure in fact you’ve seen this a million times!

Yet… you’re still not doing it.

Your restaurant should be posting content 1-2 time per day. The world seems to have this overshadowing ADHD syndrome when it comes to social media.

Nobody will hold attention to your page for long if you don’t constantly shine.

When it comes down to your post, here are a few simple tips to make a huge difference.

  1. Use your company brand colors in the background / foreground of the photos.
  2. Take videos! They draw far more attraction than photos.
  3. Tell a story with your post.
  4. ABCD – Always be connecting the dots. Interact with the comments and responses to your page. You have 24 hours to keep in contact with someone before you lose their attention for good. Make sure you listen to those whom listen to you.

I hope all of these tips help grow your next post and boost your business!

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