Black X Marketing. A PR and Ad Agency in San Diego, CA

We Create, Expand & Leverage brands through the Digital Market.

We bring a voice to your brand through PR and Digital Advertising





Black X Marketing delivers full scale branding and marketing solutions to help companies grow their vision through innovative Digital Storytelling.

¬†What’s Cookin’


Be Heard.





We are the music makers is a phrase which rumbles through our daily lives.

Black X Marketing brings vision to the table.

Leverage the Influence

Black X uses a strategy created to leverage the influencers / brand ambassadors of the niche of our clients. This creates a lower cost model for clients, faster ROI and exponential growth of brand.

Paid ads with a pulse

Our full service paid ads solution will get you great pricing from our vast network of Tv, Radio and Digital ad providers.

Expand your Brand

Present and create company culture, voice & vision through expertly crafted branding solutions.

Strategic Brand & Market Research

We provide the highest level of standards for our clients. We take pride in the research and direction we use to target and optimize the services we provide.

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