Is your Social Media growing but you’re not seeing the sales in return?

Let us be your Social Media Marketing solution

When is the last time Likes paid your Bills?

Social Growth Without Sales Increase doesn’t make sense!

Most Agencies will focus on the vanity metrics surrounding your business.

If you’re a business Owner, would you agree that you should be seeing an increase of sales from the increase of Social Media you’re getting? Very often, you’re given KPI’s for only address vanity metrics (Likes, Followers, Comments, Number of post per week) resulting in little to no actual growth for your business.

At Black X Marketing, we specialize in Direct Sales Marketing for your business. Using our hybrid sales / marketing system, we build your Social Media so we can leverage your following into new customer sales.

Do you want to know how powerful Black X Marketing can be for your company?

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We believe in PROVING what

we offer to clients.

Along with stellar customer service, we back our services with a

guarantee like no other company. If cannot hit the KPI’s we tailor

to your companies needs, we will work for FREE until we do!

We put our money where our mouth’s are because it’s not about

us. It’s about the services we can offer you!

The Black X

Leverage System

Nurture the Network
Leverage Qualified Buyers
Define the Targeted Sale

We work with our clients to strategically setting up a plan to Nurture Social Media growth.

Your business needs visibility to gain new customers over time. We will create visibility and a voice for your brand!

Our expert Account Managers will develop plans to leverage qualified new buyers to your business. Black X Marketing nurtures the qualified buyers into detailed list that are targeted for increased sales!


We focus on building your network on Social Media so you can leverage new customers for a life-time of success!

See how we can serve your businesses Social Media Marketing Needs below!

Social Media Management

We’ll cover your Social Media Management so you can focus on your business!

  • Monthly Content Calendars
  • Content Creation and Community Management
  • Monthly Reporting / Insights

Paid Ad Management PPC

We will run highly targeted ads through social media to build your brand and increase sales!

  • Ad Copy Development
  • Engaging Media
  • Daily optimization

Analytics and Reporting

CRO Management

We’ll optimize your conversion rates through nurturing influence in your social network.

  • Sales Heat Mapping
  • Sales Funnel Nurturing
  • Direct Sales Optimization
  • Customer Management Systems

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