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Digital Advertising – Paid advertising campaigns created for ROI driven results via native ads, Google Ads, or Meta Ads.

Social Media – We create social media marketing campaigns that are brand-driven and data focused. Black X Marketing creates stories that connect to the consumers most likely to purchase from your brand.

Public Relations – Black X provides award-winning PR campaigns that bring your brand in front of consumers through well-designed media relations. Local or national, we get you seen!

Email Marketing – Design impactful email campaigns that push your product top of mind for your customers.

Influencer Marketing – The movers & shakers in the industry. Black X Marketing has one of the largest list of influencers on the market. Let brand ambassadors bring your brand to a new audience. 

Graphic Design – Custom designs, branding, logo design, social media content, on demand print design, and more.






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1. Digital Advertising:

Digital advertising plays a pivotal role in a 360 campaign. It addresses several critical challenges:

Problem 1: Limited Reach

Traditional advertising channels have geographical constraints. Digital ads transcend borders, allowing you to reach a global audience. For instance, Facebook Ads enable precise targeting based on demographics, interests, and behavior.

Problem 2: Measuring ROI

Digital ads provide robust analytics. You can track impressions, clicks, conversions, and cost per acquisition. For example, Google Ads offers detailed performance metrics, allowing data-driven decision-making.

Problem 3: Ad Fatigue

In a 360 campaign, diversify ad formats. Rotate display ads, video ads, and native content. YouTube TrueView ads, for instance, allow users to skip after a few seconds, ensuring engagement with genuinely interested viewers.

2. PR (Public Relations):

Effective PR enhances brand reputation and credibility. Here’s how it solves critical issues:

Problem 1: Trust Deficit

Consumers are skeptical of overt marketing. PR builds trust by leveraging earned media. For instance, a well-crafted press release about your client’s innovative product launch can garner media coverage and establish credibility.

Problem 2: Crisis Management

PR is essential during crises. A 360 campaign integrates crisis communication across channels. When faced with negative sentiment, respond promptly on social media, issue press releases, and collaborate with influencers to mitigate damage.

Problem 3: Thought Leadership

Position your client as an industry thought leader. Publish insightful articles on platforms like LinkedIn Pulse or contribute to relevant industry blogs. Thought leadership boosts brand authority and attracts potential customers.

3. Social Media:

Social media is the heartbeat of modern marketing. Here’s how it contributes to a 360 campaign:

Problem 1: Engagement Gap

Social media bridges the gap between brands and consumers. Use platforms like Instagram for visual storytelling, Twitter for real-time engagement, and LinkedIn for professional networking.

Problem 2: Content Distribution

Social media amplifies your content. Share blog posts, videos, and infographics across platforms. For instance, create a compelling Instagram Story series to showcase behind-the-scenes glimpses of your client’s brand.

Problem 3: Audience Insights

Leverage social media analytics to understand your audience. Platforms like Facebook Insights provide demographic data, peak engagement times, and content preferences. Tailor your 360 campaign accordingly.

In Summary:

A 360-degree campaign seamlessly integrates digital advertising, PR, and social media. For instance, consider a campaign promoting a sustainable fashion brand:

  1. Digital Ads: Run targeted Facebook ads showcasing eco-friendly products.
  2. PR: Issue a press release about the brand’s commitment to ethical sourcing.
  3. Social Media: Share user-generated content on Instagram, highlighting customers wearing sustainable outfits.

Remember, synergy across these channels maximizes impact. Craft compelling narratives, measure results, and adapt your strategy for optimal success. 🚀

Black X MarketingX Marks The Spot for exceptional digital advertising, PR, creative, and social media services that drive customers to your brand. As an award-winning agency, Black X Marketing stands out from the crowd with a unique blend of expertise and client-centric focus. Let’s delve into the specifics that set us apart:

  1. Proven Track Record: With four years of excellence, we’ve successfully completed 750+ projects across diverse industries. Our results speak for themselves, showcasing our commitment to delivering impactful marketing solutions1.

  2. Operational Experience: Our 20 years of operational experience provide a solid foundation. We’ve weathered industry shifts, adapting and thriving in the ever-evolving digital landscape1.

  3. Objective-Driven Approach:

  4. Market Space Creation:

  5. Service Spectrum:

  6. Client Testimonials:

    • “You all rock! Since the start, you’ve been attentive to our team’s needs while turning around projects at lightning speed. I highly recommend Black X!” – Christophe Cevasco, Owner, Beeside Balcony
    • “You’ve helped me pack shows while building a recognizable brand on a national scale. From work to connecting us to Netflix producers, you’ve helped us grow tremendously.” – Melissa Greenburg, Principal, Empire Comedy
    • “Black X’s advertising team was technically sound, achieving our goals while listening to all our needs. They generated over 25,000 new leads, launching us into tax season.” – Daniel Legrante
    • “Quick web design turnaround that looked great and functioned really well.” – Dan Schwartzblat, Buonasera Pizzeria1

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